You must register first before arranging for inspections!

The pre-inspection process is as follows:

  1. Download and store the Inspection Card (pdf)
  2. Download and store the Deficiency Report (pdf)
  3. When you're ready, arrange to have your boat pre-inspected by registering and scheduling on our inspection site (MHOR 2019 Inspections).
The Inspection Card also has an interactive feature.  By nature, an Inspection Card is written in point form so it lacks the details of the full World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (OSR). On the Inspection Card the number in the left column not only refers to the applicable OSR, but it's a link to our online OSR.  Select that link and the online OSR will appear at the selected regulation.  A pdf version of the OSR, including changes from the Notice of Race (NoR), is available as a Printable OSR. Should there be a conflict in wording between the inspection form and the OSR, the NoR will take precedence.

As race organisers we realise that the OSR are a complex document. We really do want to welcome you to the race so please contact [email protected] and we'll help in every way we can.

When your boat is ready for inspection, contact [email protected] to arrange for a pre-inspection appointment. Prior to the time of the appointment have all of the documents and loose equipment arranged per the groupings in the Inspection Card. The inspectors are volunteering their time for your benefit, please respect them by having ALL items laid out for an efficient inspection.

The Deficiency Report is intended for minor indiscretions. For example, on some boats the crew provide their own PFDs and safety harnesses in which case these might not be aboard the boat during inspection. All items on the deficiency report are very likely to be checked at the post-race spot-check.

The Race Organisers will only accept a Deficiency Report submitted by an pre-authorised (by the Race Organisers) Inspector.