2017 Gear Transport

Some of the racers have inquired about overland transportation of items that may not belong on the boat during the race, or on the delivery back to Marblehead. Rick Fishkin is coordinating these arrangements for the BYC this year.

We will have a 28 foot trailer adjacent to the BYC parking lot. We will have the following staffed hours for the trailer:

Thursday, July 6: 11 am to 3 pm       
         Friday, July 7:  11 am to 2 pm*  

*In order to meet a new deadline for Canadian customs, the trailer will be locked shortly after 2 pm, on Friday. 
2pm is real deadline with no exceptions possible.

Because the loaded truck must cross an international border, there will be a minimally acceptable documentation set required before items can be put on the trailer. This will be very strictly enforced, as we won't get any special leniency from the US or Canadian authorities. Forms will be available at the Registration Desk, which is also where the fees can be paid.

The cost will be $375(US) for a northbound load, and $225 (US) for a southbound load. If there is great demand for the trailer on either trip, and one boat has an extraordinary amount of gear, we reserve the right to negotiate an increase.

For those interested in southbound arrangements, there will be a clearly published deadline for picking up your items back in Massachusetts that must be honored. Details will be available with the Southbound paperwork in Halifax.

Rick Fishkin
617 548-2303
[email protected]