The 2017 MHOR NOR para 4.9 requires evidence of survival training:

A certificate of attendance at a US Sailing – Sanctioned "Offshore" Safety at Sea Seminar will be accepted as evidence of compliance with OSR 6.01.4.

Future Races (Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race 2019 and later)

"Offshore" Safety at Sea (1 day) Seminar certificates dated after 2017 will not be accepted in future Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Races.

After 2017, certificates will have to be earned at a US Sailing sanctioned 2 day "Offshore Seminar with Hands-on Training" session. The 2016 and earlier Safety at Sea certificates will be honored until their 5 year expiry date has been reached.

In-date World Sailing/ISAF certificates have always been accepted and are strongly recommended.

Official Safety Outfitter of the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race