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Perspectives from the Race Directors
Being Co-Race Directors is a labor of love for Anne Coulombe and Richard Hinterhoeller, and one they truly enjoy. It's their favorite event, and a way to give back for many regattas and offshore races in which they've sailed over the years.

When co-Race Directors Anne Coulombe and Richard Hinterhoeller begin planning for the Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race (MHOR) it is the start of a two-year project.

“The evening we present the prizes in Halifax we begin preparations for the next race in 2019,” says Coulombe who represents the Boston Yacht Club of Marblehead. “We begin talking about what went well and what could be improved.”

In 2003, Hinterhoeller, who is with the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron in Halifax, was looking for a way to pay back the volunteers who’d enabled him to enjoy the many regattas and offshore races in which he’d participated over the years. In his words, “I was invited to be Race Director for Route Halifax Saint-Pierre 2004 and discovered that the challenges of being Race Director for offshore races was a perfect way for me to repay the efforts of those prior volunteers.”  Hinterhoeller continued in that role until 2016, after which that race and RNSYS parted company. He’s enjoyed the challenges of being co-Race Director of the MHOR since he was asked to fulfill that role in 2007.

Co-Race Directors Anne Coulombe and Richard Hinterhoeller

Notice of Race for MHOR is published a year out. The Sailing Instructions are updated and published online with one month to go. As race day gets closer the co-Race Directors lead the effort on fleet building. The 2019 fleet of elite vessels is testament to that effort and the work of the MHOR committee members in Marblehead and Halifax.

Coulombe likes the joint sponsorship of the event by the BYC and RNSYS. “It Is a real team effort,” she says. “We give them a great sendoff.” Hinterhoeller chimes in with  “and we give them a wonderful welcome”

“Richard comes from a boat building background and, as an engineer, he is most interested in the makeup of the fleet and the regulations regarding safety aboard the boats. I like managing all the race pieces that go to into this event. We really complement each other,” she continues.

Coulombe has been involved in this race since 2005, and has been a Race Director representing the Boston Yacht Club since 2015. In terms of giving back and enhancing the sailing community Coulombe had been Event Chair, Regatta Chair, and Primary Race Officer for local, regional and international yacht races. From junior sailing through offshore, her favorite is this race, followed closely by team racing. She has certification as US Sailing Regional Race Officer.

In addition to MHOR, Hinterhoeller is Race Officer for several (including occasional world championship) regattas every year and is chair of the Sail Canada Offshore Group, which has many contributing members of World Sailing work parties.