Inspection Card Instructions



Upon initial opening, the Interactive Inspection Card will appear as in Figure 1.

The window in your web browser is divided by a Frame into 2 panes, the Inspection Card pane above and the Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) pane below. The Scroll Bar is used to adjust which part of the document to view.

Figure 1


Underlined numbers, such as those circled in the disclaimer portion and in the left column of Figure 2, each cross reference to an individual regulations with in the Offshore Special Regulations.

These numbers are also hyperlinks to the pertinent regulation.

Figure 2

The Full Offshore Special Regulations

In most cases the intent of an item or element aboard the boat can be described in the one line of the Inspection Card.

Sometimes the boat has an acceptable feature that fits outside of this brief description.

Figure 3

For example, a boat may have a split bow pulpit so the lifelines and pulpits don't fit the Inspection Sheet description of surrounding the entire deck.

Selecting the link (3.14) for the inspection line loads the Offshore Special Regulations into the lowerpane and targets the selected section.

Expanding the Full Offshore Special Regulations

Until now the focus has been on the Inspection Card so the OSR pane has occupied a small portion of your browser window.

That doesn't lend itself to reading a complex document like the OSR so drag the frame up to resize the pane. On a device which uses a mouse, left click over the frame and move it up.

Figure 4

Here we have found the regulation governing a split bow pulpit.

In the event of a conflict between the Inspection Card and the OSR, the OSR will take precedence.

Text Colors

Beyond the black text and bold headings, both the Inspection Card and the OSRs use colors and text styles to convey information.

Inspection Card
Purple - additional or changed requirement from ISAF category 3.

Offshore Special Regulations
Red - a significant change in ISAF 2014.
Bold Italic - US Sailing prescription.
Bold Blue Italic - Notice of Race changes.

Silver Background - Categories to which the regulation applies
(Mo = Monuhull, Mu = Multihull).