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Rating Certification

  • Rating Certification- IRC 
    • To compete in the IRC Division, you must submit, with your entry, a valid IRC Certificate. If you intend to be dual scored under both IRC and ORR, you must have an endorsed IRC Certificate. IRC Certificates are issued through US Sailing's Offshore Office. Applications for certificates may be made online through Canadian racers need to contact Sail Canada through
    • To allow sufficient time to process certificate applications and to avoid unnecessary delays, all IRC Division competitors must commence the IRC certification application process at the first opportunity. Starting early will allow the necessary time to gather and submit any additional information required by the rating office to complete the certification process. Additional help and information is available on the US-IRC website
  • Rating Certification - ORR
    • IRC Division yachts that desire to be dual scored under the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) must have, in addition to an endorsed IRC certificate, a valid ORR Certificate. Details of the ORR are given on the website of the Offshore Racing Association, 
    • Application form for ORR Certificates are available from US Sailing at
  •  Handicap Certificate - PHRF
    • To be scored in the PHRF Racing or Cruising Divisions, you must have a valid PHRF New England (PHRF-NE) handicap.
    • If you are from outside PHRF-NE jurisdiction, and hold a valid PHRF handicap certificate or equivalent (e.g., on the current NSYA Yacht List) from your regional rating authority, you may obtain a PHRF-NE handicap for the Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race as follows:
    • Entries in the PHRF Divisions having current, valid handicap certificates issued by a recognized regional authority other than PHRF-NE must forward their certificates to MHORC as early as possible in their registration process and before the Entry Deadline of June 29, 2012. These certificates will be submitted by MHORC to a PHRF-NE Review Board for normalization of their handicaps to PHRF-NE standards. All such entrants (including those with approved Canadian handicaps), will also submit PHRF-NE Handicap Application forms with all relevant data for this normalization process. The Handicap Review Board will be the final authority on PHRF handicaps for all race entrants. MHORC RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY IRC RATING CHANGE or PHRF HANDICAP CHANGES WHICH TAKES PLACE AFTER THE ENTRY DEADLINE. Questions regarding PHRF handicap values must be received by June 15, 2013. There will be no discussion of PHRF handicaps on the day of the Captain’s Meeting.
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